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Originally from the majestic Rocky Mountains of Winter Park, Colorado. Studied and worked retail management, marketing, and merchandising in San Francisco, Denver, and Las Vegas. Hand drawing painting, digital drawing and painting. Graphic design. Web design. Microsoft Word & Excel, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop etc., Final Cut Pro. Gaining experience with financial technology (fintech) and having fun learning and using mobile services such as Robinhood, WeBull, Stash, Ibotta, and many more.


I created a bohemian style accessories line called Closet Ruckus that utilizes materials like leather, hemp, and semi-precious stones. I also sell CBD products for Cannabidiol Life under my trademarked spokesmodel brand Jester Dazed. My fashion accessories and other products satisfy these two problems: How can we attain spontaneity and excitement within a peaceful setting? How can we maintain balance around high levels of stress and anxiety? 


Eating healthy, working out, and having a direct connection with my spiritual/creative side have helped me learn wonders about myself and those around me. I hope to share what I have learned with as many people as I can and hope to inspire others to do the same. Have always appreciated the duality of mountain versus city living. I discuss topics regarding fashion, beauty, health & fitness, travelling.


Inspired by the minimalist movement to live sustainably inside and outside the home, simplicity in personal life and professional life. Extremely passionate about marketing and have a vision to create new and innovative content strategies. With so many people being turned off to the idea off mass markets, it’s very important to give extra personalized attention where the little details will be appreciated. 



June 2009 - December 2010

Academy of Art University

San Francisco, CA

Fashion Retail Management, Merchandising, Marketing

The Art Institutes

January 2011 - March 2012 (Denver, CO)

January 2018 - June 2019 (Las Vegas, NV)

Fashion Retail Management, Merchandising, Marketing


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Denver, CO

Tel: 703-623-8255

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